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Thursday 11 April 2024

Cristóbal de Morales (c. 1500-1553): Hoc est praeceptum meum (SSATB) [Santiago Codex]

The Santiago Codex of Valladolid is one of the most significant manuscript sources of Renaissance Spanish music in the beginning of the 17th century. Preserved in the Parroquia de Santiago in Valladolid (Spain), it was copied by Diego Sánchez and other unknown copyists. It contains seventy-five works, including three Masses, one Requiem Mass and sixty-three motets: some of them are unique, as they are only found in this manuscript or have some important differences with the other known sources. The significance of the Santiago Codex also lies in its composers: we can find unique works by Cristóbal de Morales, Francisco Guerrero, Juan Navarro and Francisco Guerrero among others.

We are thrilled to announce that we are publishing a selection of works from the Santiago Codex, starting with Hoc est praeceptum meum by Cristóbal de Morales (c. 1500-1553). This motet is a re-texted version of the first part of Andreas Christi famulus (the second part is copied separately without text in the Santiago Codex). The part of the ostinato has been changed from the original Sancte Andreas, ora pro nobis to Sancte N, ora pro nobis (where N. can be any Apostle's name, as this motet is indicated for the Feasts for all the Apostles, in festis omnibus Apostolorum).

You can buy this score here. Please consider purchasing our scores for the price you want to support Ars Subtilior Editions! 

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